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<strong>Astatic</strong> Jt 30 With Mc 127 Or Mc 151 Ceramic Or Crystal Element On.

Astatic Jt 30 With Mc 127 Or Mc 151 Ceramic Or Crystal Element On. There IS a difference in microphones from one to the other, especially the bullet microphones. Custom Astatic JT-30 with MC-151 Crystal Element new paint new connector new wiring harp vocals.mp3

JT30 Amplified Blues - <strong>Astatic</strong> JT30

JT30 Amplified Blues - Astatic JT30 My plan is to add or “archive” one microphone a week ( is probably the question that people ask me the most when they see my collection. The Astatic JT-30 microphone is the perfect Harmonica mic for use with a vintage tube amps. It was created about 70 years ago and went out of production around the year 1999.

JT30 Amplified Blues

JT30 Amplified Blues Well, being a blues & roots harmonica player who enjoys playing amplified is one reason. The Astatic JT-30 microphone is the perfect Harmonica mic for use with a vintage tube amps. Dating Vintage Astatic Mics

<b>Astatic</b> Microphones Full Catalog Scan Circa 1975

Astatic Microphones Full Catalog Scan Circa 1975 Note that there will be many “duplicates” of some models in the collection, since there are many variations including ID tag differences, model # differences, body style/shape differences, color/finish differences, etc. Download the complete circa 1975 actual date unknown Astatic Microphones Full-Line Catalog 22pp DOWNLOAD Astatic_Catalog_197* Models covered include Astatic 810, 811, 820, 840, 850, 857, 860, 77, 335, 333, 332, 337, 551, 10M5A, 331, 400, 511, 513H, 525DL6, 531, and 530 microphones, plus various gold-finished and pedestal-mount

Vintage <strong>Astatic</strong> JT30 Bullet Harp Mic, 1963 Shure

Vintage Astatic JT30 Bullet Harp Mic, 1963 Shure Many of these vintage microphones still in existence “work”, but the majority of the crystal and ceramic style microphone elements have aged/deteriorated/been d/etc…to the point where they do not have a usable output, or do not have tonal characteristics suitable for use and/or will not endure the pressure that comes from playing while cupped in the hands. Vintage Astatic JT30 Bullet Harp Mic. $ 180.00. Sold! Vintage Astatic JT30 Bullet Harp Mic, 1963 Shure Element $ 180.00. Unique Greenish-Grey Finish Chrome Grill Excellent Crunchy Tone! Hh-Impedance Harmonica Microphone Vintage 1963 Shure Controlled Magnetic 99H86 CE element Fully Tested and Working. A beautiful Astatic JT-30 in

<b>Astatic</b> JT30 Reviews

Astatic JT30 Reviews The majority of my collection is made up of variations of the two most popular “bullet-style” microphones used by harmonica players – the Astatic JT-30 style microphones, and the Shure 520/707A bullet-style microphones. The Astatic JT30 in particular is really good for those who do not necessarily know much about different microphones that can be purchased, and who.

<strong>Astatic</strong> jt-30 microphone eBay

Astatic jt-30 microphone eBay Even non-musicians and people not particularly into equipment or vintage items seem to get excited when they see cool old microphones. Find great deals on eBay for astatic jt-30 microphone and astatic jt-30. Shop with confidence.

Customer reviews <b>Astatic</b> by Hohner

Customer reviews Astatic by Hohner Of course, some people just don’t care enough about it, and/or their ears aren’t paying attention to the difference(s). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Astatic by Hohner JT30 Roadhouse Harmonica Microphone at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our. amp, will do the trick. I've been playing professionally for 20 years and I use this mic as often as I use my orinal Astatic JT-30. And Hohner outdid themselves by

<strong>Astatic</strong> JT-30 RH Harmonica/Harp Mic Microphone - Exc

Astatic JT-30 RH Harmonica/Harp Mic Microphone - Exc Don’t let all the nay-sayers fool you…the microphone DOES INDEED make a difference. Astatic JT-30 RH Harmonica/Harp Mic Microphone - Exc w/Cable in Box! Listed over 1 year ago by Gear Closet; Condition Excellent 25. so it's not priced through the roof. I don't have the exact date, but the JT30 sites have some basic info on dating. It's a great deal on an industry standard mic that has. Condition Excellent Make Astatic

Andy's Vintage Microphones - Poupart

Andy's Vintage Microphones - Poupart Certain model microphones () have particularly good tonal qualities and characteristics when held in the hand with a harmonica by a player who has good playing tone and que on the instrument, coupled with a good gripping que on the microphone. Astatic. Astatic got started in Youngstown, Ohio in the 1920's as the. remains. Astatic is noted for the D-104 series of desktop mics, still in production for the ham radio market and for the JT-30, the other definitive harp mic. I have several JT-30s. I have a Model A, dating from about 1939, which is the predecessor of the JT-30. I also have a mint

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